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Actress Shirley Chen Seeks Complicated Truths in Her Roles

As an actress, Shirley Chen is all about finding kernels of truth in the roles she plays, seeking out stories that are less prescriptive of what the Asian American experience is and more reflective of the messy complications of individual lives. In addition to playing Vivian, the insecure, rage-filled older sister in Sean Wang’s highly anticipated upcoming feature, “Dìdi,” Chen is also set to star in Amy Wang’s upcoming satire film “Slanted,” in which she plays yet another insecure Chinese American teenager who undergoes a life-changing transracial surgery to become white.
By Amber X. Chen
By Amber X. Chen

Lee Isaac Chung on Capturing American Storms, Big and Small

By Lee Isaac Chung and Zachary Lee

Reflections of an American Soldier

By William Chan

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