The Amp is an online magazine from the Asian American Arts Alliance (A4) that celebrates the vibrant, multifaceted, and rich AAPI cultural community in NYC and beyond. Through critical essays and reviews, thoughtful profiles, and insightful interviews, we aim to serve as an authoritative record of and voice for AAPI art and artists.

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Want to write for The Amp? We welcome you to pitch us! We’re partial to strong analyses and voice-driven narratives. While we generally steer clear of the mainstream, our cultural scope is broad and inclusive, showcasing fine art, performances, writing, film, music, and everything in between.

To pitch, email theamp@aaartsalliance.org with the article category in the subject line (ie: Photo Essay, Review, Profile, etc.) followed by a pithy potential title. It should look something like this:

“Profile Pitch: Writing the Story of AAPI Culture, One Great Article at a Time”

From there, describe what and why you are pitching in 3-5 sentences; what is the story and why is it important that it’s covered in The Amp? Please include any relevant time-pegs as well as an estimated word count.

Finally, introduce yourself. Bylines or writing samples are always appreciated.

The Amp offers flat fees at a rate of $.40 per word, rounded down to the nearest hundred words.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Photo Essays: An original suite of 8-15 images that tell a specific narrative and demonstrate the photographer’s artistic vision.

Essays: 800-1,000 words that identify cultural zeitgeists and important, prescient themes within the AAPI cultural community.

Reviews: 300-500 words on recent or current events, exhibitions, publications, etc. These should have an angle or specific point of view and be overall celebratory while still remaining critical.

Profiles: 500-800 word profiles that spotlight AAPI who are shaping the cultural landscape in NYC, from artists to arts administrators, organizers, and collectors. These profiles are a testament to the fact that culture cannot exist without community.

Interviews: A conversation between cultural figures around a specific theme or a direct interview with a single subject.


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