This AANHPI Heritage Month, Help Fund The Amp

By A4 Staff
April 30, 2024

It’s an exciting time for AANHPI creativity and culture! Right now, we are experiencing an unprecedented wealth of artistic expression from our community in just about every discipline imaginable. Yet, with culture desks and entire publications dissolving left and right, meaningful spaces for discussing this growing body of work are becoming increasingly rare. Rarer still are spaces for minoritized voices; spaces like The Amp.

If you believe AANHPI artists, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, writers, and actors deserve a home for critical conversations that are by and for us, support The Amp today!

Your donation will help us continue to produce thought-provoking stories spotlighting some of the most talented and inspiring AANHPI artists working in NYC and beyond!

Will you help us reach our $5,000 fundraising goal?

  • Donations of $50 or more will receive a free copy of our annual print issue.

  • At $100, you will receive a print issue of The Amp and a limited edition bandana designed by artist Somnath Bhatt.

  • $500 donations fund an entire article and will receive a bandana along with a signed print issue of The Amp, publishing in November.

  • For donations of $1,000 and more, you will receive all of the above and be credited in the next print issue of The Amp.

  • Donations of $10,000 will receive all of the above and will be credited for funding an entire print issue of The Amp.

Launched by A4 two years ago as an online magazine dedicated to uplifting AANHPI artists in NYC, The Amp is a critical platform for our voices to be heard loudly, clearly, and on our own terms through reviews, profiles, interviews, and essays.

As The Amp’s editor, I am both proud and humbled by what we’ve accomplished to date. In just 18 months, we have published over 100 stories read by nearly 30,000 people from around the world and have commissioned over 60 individual AANHPI writers and photographers for a total of $33,000. We even published our first annual print issue!

This May, in recognition of the second federally recognized AANHPI Heritage month, we are asking our readers to help us continue our vital work in providing a place for us to articulate this enormous, multivalent, ever-evolving identity.

Thank you for being a part of our community!

Shannon Lee
Editor, The Amp

To contribute to The Amp this AANHPI month, click here.

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