Counter Weight

May 14 – June 5, 2022

How do we counterbalance the negative energy of the pandemic? The Futurist Collective finds answers in Art, Music, and Dance.

The Futurist Collective is pleased to announce Counter Weight is a multidisciplinary group show exploring issues of mental health, identity, and being seen as the Other in New York City during these unprecedented times. The Futurists Collective is comprised of artists Ivan Cofield (painting), Tommy Vo (mixed media), and Johnny Tang (photography). Their show at One Brooklyn Bridge Park will be on view May 14 - June 7th, with a calendar packed with events to engage the local community through art, music, and dance during their three week run.

The Futurists Collective is a group of three artists based in New York City. Ivan Cofield (painting), Johnny Tang (photography), and Tommy Vo (mixed media) came together from a shared background in dance and hip-hop. Their artwork provides a nuanced reflection of the Other experience. This group aims to create a dialogue within the community through their specific interdisciplinary art practices. Collectively, they have over 30 years of exhibition experience and have had their artwork shared around the world.

Please note this is an indoor event!

Sub events while the show is up include:

Thursday 5/26/2022
Artist Talk - Ivan Cofield

Friday 5/27/2022
HommeMade - Movie/Trivia night:

Saturday 5/28/2022
Never Sold Dope - Comedy night

Thursday 6/2/2022
Artist Talk - Johnny Tang

Saturday 6/4/2022
Closing Reception

Sunday 6/5/2022
BGirl City - Thrift Shop/BGirl battles

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