Budapest, AL 1136


Aug 15, 2023


Jul 06, 2023

East Call Curatorial Residency offers a unique opportunity for emerging curators to gain a comprehensive insight in the Hungarian contemporary art scene by examining its characteristics and understanding them in a broader, regional context.

East Call is an intensive 2-week program that focuses on the status and practice of artists, contemporary curatorial conditions, institutional situations and the understanding of issues affecting contemporary art, with a focus on the roles and responsibilities of curators as mediators between audiences and artists, and researchers as theoretical transmitters of knowledge, interpretation and contextualization.
East Call aims to foster dialogue on issues surrounding curation and to interrogate what constitutes “the curatorial” in the Central Eastern European region. The East Call program focuses on open, horizontal and conversation-based transfers of knowledge and experience.

Throughout the two-week program, participants intensively expand their professional knowledge and practice by conducting in-depth investigation of contemporary exhibitions, getting introduced to case studies of leading curators’ engagements, taking part in curatorial workshops, visiting artist studios, and exchanging, discussing with each other during these meetings. By sharing the experiential and theoretical best practices of leading contemporary art museums, galleries, the program offers a unique chance to the participants to develop project ideas, conduct research of their particular interests, enrich connections and networks internationally as well as elaborate discussions with contemporary art professionals active in Budapest and Veszprém.


The program is designed for emerging curators and curators-to-be still involved in their studies who expect to work in the field of contemporary art. It intends to introduce participants to current and relevant practices as well as to the mechanisms of curating in relation to exhibitions, institutions, audiences, aesthetics and cultural political discourse.