Call for Submissions

Request For Proposals: Chinese American Veterans Mural

Helen and Joe Chew Foundation

CA 96080


Aug 01, 2023


Jul 05, 2023

The Helen and Joe Chew Foundation solicits AAPI mural artist for the purpose of a Chinese American Veteran indoor or outdoor mural. The purpose of the mural is to engage residents and tourist travelers to better understand Chinese American History and the challenges endured as a result of the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act.

As of October 29, 2022, the Helen and Joe Chew Foundation worked with the City of Red Bluff, California on the naming of a street called Historic Chinatown Alley. Nearly 170 years ago, the City of Red Bluff was the last steamboat ferry stop during the gold rush era and as a result it had a segregated neighborhood called Chinatown. With the new street naming, the Helen and Joe Chew Foundation is working on drawing attention towards honoring its historic character and relevance during a period of time of nationwide discrimination.

This project is part of the Creating a Historic Chinatown Alley, a series-of-free-events in an effort to save a vanishing Chinatown from being forgotten in California history.


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