Director of Production

MIT | Music and Theater Arts

345 Vassar St. W97
MA 02139


Aug 31, 2021


Jul 13, 2021


The MIT Music and Theater Arts Section is seeking a full-time Director of Production who will coordinate the production cohort (currently comprising two technical instructors: one in Sound Design and the other in Lighting and Video Design) to ensure the smooth realization of all production aspects for Theater Arts events including faculty-led performances, student productions, workshops, readings, lectures, exhibitions and creative residencies.


The Director of Production will create budgets, calendars, and staffing plans and collaborate with the production cohort to meet project targets and goals while maintaining a reasonable working schedule. When necessary, identifies and recruits additional staff including stage managers, carpenters, electricians, wardrobe support, media artists, programmers, etc. An active participant in the engineering, planning and execution of designs, the Director of Production, when necessary, submits designs to shops or rental houses to solicit bids and manages fabrication or rentals to meet set, costume, lighting, sound, and projection needs. Fosters clear communication with project team members by scheduling and facilitating design and production meetings. Ensures that standards of safety are observed by serving as the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) representative for Theater Arts. Strengthens collaborations within Theater Arts through clear and effective communication. Plays a direct role in instructing students through an average of two classes annually and provides mentorship for those engaged in the production-oriented aspects of the program. The Director of Production contributes to the ongoing development of the program by providing organization, expertise, and leadership in the coordination of all technical aspects of production and to the day-to-day equipment and theater facility operations.


Demonstrated excellence in managing and organizing the production needs of various types of performance events. Ability to anticipate the needs of a project and plan ahead to arrange for necessary materials, equipment, personnel, and institutional approvals. Proven creativity and resourcefulness in realizing ambitious projects while effectively managing available resources. History of successful collaborations in a broad range of performance idioms. Experience teaching in a higher education environment and/or instructional experience in alternative settings. Conversant in areas of technical production including new media and openness to emergent approaches to performance. Fluent in industry standard safety practices regarding shop, rehearsal, and performance facilities. Able to problem solve in a fast-paced environment while also focusing on long term goals. Possesses excellent communication skills. Bachelor of Arts and equivalent professional experience required. The Director of Production must be able to move objects weighing 20 to 50 lbs. Work will require use of arms and or legs to push, pull, and lift objects and will require climbing ladders, and the operation of a lift when needed. On occasion, work will require traveling from site-to-site and require driving a vehicle on occasion. A valid driver’s license or ability to obtain a driver’s license in the first six months is required.