Call for Submissions

Call for choreographers for the 2022 SoloDuo Dance Festival

Young Soon Kim

New York, NY 10002


Aug 30, 2021


Jul 09, 2021

Call for choreographers for the 2022 SoloDuo Dance Festival

Please submit Application by August 16, 2021 (Early Bird Special)

WHITE WAVE will be presenting our 6th Annual SoloDuo Dance Festival (February 6 & 7, 2022) with 30 participating choreographers/companies in 3 different programs. As in past years, we anticipate performing artists will be hail from Europe, Canada, East Asia, Metro NY, and across the US.

To celebrate the distinct art of the solo and duet, while creating additional opportunities to display the latest work of both emerging and mid-career choreographers, WHITE WAVE’s 2022 SoloDuo Dance Festival will be held at Dixon Place, a setting nestled in the heart of the Downtown scene.

The SoloDuo Dance Festival’s foremost priority is to inspire performing artists of all stripes and callings to stretch the limits of their creativity and take it to new heights, and to provide vivid experiences for audiences, with the goal of finding and nurturing promising young talent.


2022 SoloDuo Dance Festival (LIVE PERFORMANCES)
Dates: February 6th & 7th, 2022
Venue: Dixon Place (161A Chrystie Street, New York, New York 10002)

Click HERE for the on-line 2022 SoloDuo Dance Festival Application Form:

Each choreographer/company may submit up to two applications for SoloDuo Dance Festival (each application requires a separate application form, video, and application fee). The fee is non-refundable.