The Shamisen Sessions, Vol. 3: A Salute to Tradition

Thursday, November 20, 2014
7:30 – 9PM

Immerse yourself in the diverse styles of traditional shamisen music! The instrument, originally from China, reached Japan in the 16th century, where it underwent changes in shape, size and sound. The shamisen has become a central element in Japan’s unique performing arts and entertainment culture, featured in kabuki and bunraku theaters, salon, folk and vaudeville music, and more. This evening showcases three traditional shamisen musical styles–nagauta (kabuki), gidayu (bunraku) and jiuta (tatami salon concerts) – as performed by Japan’s preeminent shamisen players and chanters, including a Living National Treasure and a traditional nihon buyo dancer.

Tickets: $40/$33 Japan Society members



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Japan Society