Flower Talk: Eunju Kang's Solo Exhibition

April 6 – April 28, 2024
12 – 4PM

This exhibition highlights Eunju’s watercolor pieces, unveiling a series crafted lately during the challenging times of COVID. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of Eunju’s studio in Jersey City, NJ, where the artist skillfully captures the essence of everyday working life through the delicate interplay of beautiful light and transparent watercolor visuals.

As Eunju ventures into her studio daily, riding her bicycle, she takes the time to observe and appreciate the world around her—the colors, shapes, flowers, and the sky. These images accompany her to the studio, where she manipulates, refines, blurs, and clears, leading to the delightful surprise of a simple gesture, both deliberate and spontaneous. Upon arriving at the studio, she finds solace at her workspace, gazing out of a vast window that frames the ever-changing panorama of the railway and sky. What might initially appear as a static still life in a consistent location unfolds as a dynamic interplay of light and emotion, reflecting the artist’s evolving state of mind. This window serves as a portal into Eunju’s thoughts and feelings.