Story Up Shorts in New York: Program 1

Saturday, April 6, 2024

The Young Korean Artists Series began as a continuous partnership between the Korean Cultural Center New York and CJ Cultural Foundation in 2022. The Series aims to discover and support a new generation of Korean artists across different artistic genres. Firmly believing that the growth of emerging artists is essential to contributing to the cultural landscape, the program will nurture Korean artists based in New York to pave their way to the international stage.

The “STORY UP Shorts in New York” introduces films of aspiring young Korean directors who dream to make an impact in the cinema world like Bong Joon-Ho and Park Chan-Wook. Through the selected six award-winning films across genres, the films give viewers delve into the visions and narratives of Korea’s young filmmaking talent.

The Korean Cultural Center New York and CJ Cultural Foundation will continue to support various young, emerging artists in sharing their work at the newly opened Korean Cultural Center New York. Please join them in their ongoing efforts to empower artists in pursuing their dreams.

Program 1 (2PM)
- Pitch Black (2021 / 27m 30s)
- Honor guard (2021 / 27m 28s)
- To each your Sarah (2019 / 25m 35s)

Programs Line-up

◆ Pitch Black 칠흑 (2021)

     - Director/Writer: Lee Jun-sup (이준섭)
     - 27m 30s


Weary from his wife’s repeated suicide attempts, the husband seeks help from a secretive agent an old doctor introduced to him; In the middle of the night, “they” come to his house.

◆ Honor guard 돌림총 (2021)

     - Director/Writer: Lee Sang-min (이상민)
     - 27m 28s


Hyeon-gyu, who was injured and fell into an administrative soldier while learning the motion of the ‘spinning-gun’ at the honor guard, wants to become a member of the honor guard again and run the event.

◆ To each your Sarah 나의 새라씨 (2019)

     - Director/Writer: Kim Deok-geun (김덕근)
     - 25m 35s


Having been discouraged by her life in Seoul, 51-year old woman ‘Jung-ja’ returns to her hometown. There she starts working at a slaughterhouse under the alias ‘Sarah’ to hide her miserable plight from other people… And then, she meets someone who calls her ‘Jung-ja’.