Thursday, June 20, 2024
12 – 11:30PM

Đừng: Community & Creativity is a public event designed to celebrate the Asian American community through various cultural activities. It also serves as the official premiere and Q&A session of the thought-provoking short film “DON’T: Đừng giỡn mặt với Bà” (Don’t f* with grandma). Scheduled to take place in June 2024, at the cusp of AAPI Heritage Month and Pride Month, this event aspires to unify and celebrate diverse talents and cultures within the Asian American community.

This event is more than just a film premiere. It is a platform for Asian small businesses and creatives across various mediums—art, music, crafts, fashion, and more—to showcase their cultural heritage alongside contemporary innovations. The fusion of these diverse expressions not only celebrates the vibrancy of Asian cultures but also underscores the unity and support prevalent within our community.

Film poster by Anna Laytham | CGI by Ryan Nguyen | Titles by Viv Zhang and Ruth Kim | Photos By Tiong and Cindy Trinh

Aleena Sharif | An Ho | Ayesha Raees | Bonnie Zhou | Ellen Lee | Irene Feleo | Jeremy Snell | Kristen Chiu | Kyle Lui | Mia Dunn | Vi Toung Bui | Vivian Zhang | Youlmae Kim | Yulai Fan

Ada Chen | Antifragile Zine | Far Near Magazine | Jivanchy Claws | Jonah Song | Lotus Haus | Okay. Take. Care. | Rootin’ Tootin’ | Xong Chết

DJs NguyendowsXP and CUMMUNIST