Chilseong Saenamgut (Duringut): "Ritual for Sickness"

February 23 – February 25, 2023

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Gibney, the New York City based dance and social justice organization, presents the world premiere of Chilseong Saenamgut (Duringut): Ritual for Sickness, created by award-winning traditional and contemporary arts performer Dohee Lee, artistic director of Puri Arts. The work is a performance ritual inspired by the sacred rituals originating in the artist’s hometown of Jeju Island, Korea. The ceremony, which features Lee performing along with three musicians, and a ritual altar, continues the exploration of ritual performances she began in 2004. “My motivation for creating rituals is to address needs … community needs, nature needs, ancestors needs and our own needs for healing and reconciliation,” said Lee. “I want to call upon this ritual to name the sicknesses which are challenging our community, our country and our world. This ritual is a way to use the body, mind and spirit to encounter and heal and transform.” This ritual allows participants to identify and confront challenges, purge destructive and monstrous spirits (Heomaengyee-허맹이), and invite vital spirits (Chilseong-칠성신) back to humanity and land.