Fair or Festival

Asian Podcast Festival

Friday, May 20, 2022
12:30 – 5PM

Welcome to AAP’s Asian Podcast Festival! Join us to watch Asian-run shows LIVE!

We’re celebrating May, a.k.a. AAPI Heritage Month, with a podcast festival of shows created, edited, produced and/or hosted by Asians and Asian Americans. All times are EASTERN STANDARD TIME.

From the comfort of your own home, you’ll be able to watch live recordings of your AAPI favorite shows – and be introduced to others – on Friday!


12:30 PM: Pre-Festival Networking

12:40 PM: Opening Remarks

12:45 PM: Using Your Identity and Voice to Create Music-Centered Podcasts w/ Casper + Celine Teo-Blockey + Amanda Nazareno

1:15 PM: Podcast Live Recording #1: Taiwan No Why w/ Mark Paas + Dr. Max Lo

1:45 PM: Podcast Live Recording #2: The Unofficial Official Story w/ Koji Steven Sakai + Vinayak Pal + Nishy Acsell + Lin Sun

2:15 PM: Podcast Live Recording #3: Tuckered Out With Ami Thakkar

2:45 PM: Industry Roundtable

3:15 PM: Podcast Live Recording #5: Twins Talk It Up, David Suk Brown + Danny Suk Brown

3:35 PM: Networking

4:00 PM: Podcast Live Recording #4: Podcast Gym w/ Andy Wang + Jay Wujun Yow

4:30 PM: Closing Remarks


11:40 AM — Future Hindsight: Host, Mila Atmos. Tagline: “A Civic Engagement Podcast.” https://www.futurehindsight.com

12:30 PM — The Power of the Only: Host, Angela Chee. Tagline: “There’s power in being the Only. Lessons Learned From Leaders Breaking Barriers, Defying The Odds and Creating Positive Change” https://angelachee.com/podcast/

1:15 PM — Retire There with Gil & Gene: Co-hosts, Gilen and Gene Preudhomme. Tagline: “Chats with retirees who describe life in their adopted city.” https://www.retirethere.com/

2:00 PM — Stories with Sapphire: Host, Sapphire Sandalo. Tagline: “Spooky, Supernatural, and Spiritual Stories.” http://www.storieswithsapphire.com

2:45 PM — The Filipino American Woman Project: Co-hosts, Jen Amos and Nani Dominguez. Tagline: “Stories and life lessons told by American women of Filipino descent.” http://tfawproject.com

4:00 PM — Hacks and Hobbies: Host Junaid Ahmed. Tagline: “Hobbies are for the mind.” https://www.hacksandhobbies.com/

5:00 PM to 6:55PM — DINNER BREAK


7:15 PM — The AAP Podcast: Co-hosts Andy Wang and Lee Uehara. Tagline: “The AAP Podcast: Covering the industry, events, gear, and more.” http://www.aapodcasters.org/podcast/

8:00 PM — #hashtagimpact: Co-hosts: Regina Larko and Carol Li. Tagline: “A Podcast about stuff that matters.” https://www.hashtagimpact.com/

8:45 PM — We The Peeps: Co-hosts Ty Fujimura and Clayton Fujimura. Tagline: “The US soccer podcast for any fan.” https://wtppod.com

****Times are TBA. Please check back for new additions — better yet, send us an email to be placed on our mailing list: info@aapodcasters.org. Schedule and Show Line-up is subject to change; we will do our best to handle the circumstances which are beyond our control.

COST: $25 or Pay-As-You-Wish. All sales are final, and there are no refunds. All funds go toward supporting the Asian American Podcasters Association, a NYS non-profit organization.