A Dream of Red Pavilions

January 23 – February 14, 2016
7:30 – 4:30PM

By Jeremy TiangAdapted from the novel by Cao XueqinDirected by Tisa Chang and Lu YuJan 23 - Feb 14, 2016Tue-Sat at 7:30pmWed & Sun at 2:30pmNo perf Fri Jan 29Opening Night Thur Jan 28 at 7:30pmat the Clurman Theatre at Theatre RowA Pan Asian Repertory Theatre productionSet in 18th-century China during the reign of Emperor Qianlong, the story centers on two beings from the heavenly kingdom - a stone and a flower - who are reborn on earth as cousins Bao Yu (Precious Jade) and Dai Yu (Dark Jade). They fall in love, but their union is ill-fated as their elders favor a more suitable union for Bao Yu with his affable cousin Bai Chai. A counterpoint plot is of the noble Jia family heading for social disgrace and financial disaster who represent a crumbling society as the Chinese aristocracy finds itself increasingly unable to maintain the facade of noble infallibility and comes into conflict with ancient Buddhist and Confucian values.Regular: $66.25Through Telecharge 212-239-6200 | www.telecharge.com | Box Office Discounts available Online at www.telechargeoffers.com | 212-947-8844 | Box Office.

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