2024 Spring Open Studios

April 12 – April 13, 2024
6 – 12AM

Opening Reception: Friday, April 12, 6–9pm
Open Hours: Saturday, April 13, 1–7pm

The International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) Spring Open Studios is a presentation of international contemporary art organized by the 35 artists and curators from 27 countries currently in residence. Guest speaker Christopher Y. Lew will make remarks at 7pm during the opening reception in ISCP’s second floor lounge.

This event is free and open to the public.

Twice a year, ISCP offers the public access to private artists’ and curators’ studios to view artwork and share one-on-one conversations. This spring, ISCP invites the public to engage in dialogue around contemporary art with arts professionals from across the globe. Concentrated in a three-story postindustrial loft building on the edge of Bushwick, ISCP supports the creative advancement of residents, with a robust program of individual workspaces and professional benefits.

‘Ahmad Fuad Osman: Archipelagic Alchemy,’ an exhibition that addresses the history of the empire by looking at relationships between seas and islands, will be on view in the first floor project space. Presenting an installation titled ‘Run for Manhattan,’ by Ahmad Fuad Osman, this exhibition is curated by Carlos Quijon, Jr. for ISCP’s first floor project space. The installation gathers archival clippings, popular culture materials, and a newly commissioned speculative video. All pertain to an episode of colonial history involving an exchange of islands in the seventeenth century between two colonial powers. The English traded Pulau Run, one of the Spice Islands, present-day Moluccas, in exchange for New Amsterdam, present-day Manhattan, traded by the Dutch.

In addition, ‘Noa Yekutieli: No Longer — Not Yet,’ a solo exhibition by 2023 alumna Noa Yekutieli and curated by Jenée-Daria Strand, will be on view in the second floor gallery. Using wood, fabric, and her signature manual paper-cutting technique, Yekutieli creates striking renderings of real and imagined scenes, densely populated with sprawling flora, repeating patterns, and destroyed landscapes. For this exhibition, the artist transforms the gallery into a series of stage-like installations that relate to memory and the notion of belonging. The works reflect on cycles of destruction, loss, and trauma, themes that Yekutieli frequently contemplated while growing up in Israel and that are even more palpable for her today.

Open Studios participating artists and curators:

Alchemyverse (Bicheng Liang and Yixuan Shao) (China/United States); Muneera Al-Buainain (Qatar); Bianca Argimón (Spain/France); Alper Aydin (Turkey); James Beckett (South Africa/The Netherlands/United States); Laura Bernstein (United States); Feng-Yi Chu (Taiwan); Mario D’Souza (India); Valentina Furian (Italy); Mandy Gehrt (Germany); Insoon Ha (South Korea/Canada); Huang I-Hsiang (Taiwan); Björn Kämmerer (Austria/Germany); Winter Gyeoul Kim (South Korea); Joiri Minaya (United States/Dominican Republic) ; Sandra Mujinga (Norway); Carolina Muñoz (Chile); Azita Moradkhani (Iran/United States); Raffaela Naldi Rossano (Italy/Greece); Eugene Hannah Park (South Korea); Tamen Pérez (Costa Rica/United States); Antonis Pittas (Greece/The Netherlands); Joshua Thaddeus Rainer (United States); Hans Rosenström (Finland); Keli Safia Maksud (Kenya/Tanzania); Yoshie Sakai (United States); Tora Schultz (Sweden/Denmark); Farkhondeh Shahroudi (Iran/Germany); Oriane Stender (United States); Jeppe Ugelvig (Denmark); Alma Louise Visscher (Canada); Cullen Washington Jr. (United States); Malte Zander (Germany/Austria); zeropowercut/Piyush Kashyap (India)