Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2024

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This May, in recognition of the second federally recognized AANHPI Heritage month, please consider supporting A4’s online magazine, The Amp. Launched by A4 two years ago as an online magazine dedicated to uplifting AANHPI artists in NYC, The Amp is a critical platform for our voices to be heard loudly, clearly, and on our own terms through reviews, profiles, interviews, and essays.

Read a letter from the Editor, Shannon Lee, here.

Thanks to you, we’ve reached our May campaign goal to raise $5,000! Can you help us reach our new goal of $10,000? Reaching our goal would fund a new print issue. If you believe in the need to give voice for AAPI art and artists, please make a fully tax deductible today.

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Photos by Jeong Park, Marion Aguas, Kaira Widodo. Courtesy Asian American Arts Alliance.

Limited Edition Bandanas

For every donation of $100+, donors will receive a free bandana designed by Somnath Bhatt along with the second print edition of the Amp.

Donations about $50+ will receive the second print edition of the Amp.

Somnath Bhatt’s design for Asian American Arts Alliance is a graphic flash sheet of abstract shapes and forms. These geometric shapes come together and compose a multi-oriented landscape of a community coming together.

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Bandanas will begin shipping in early June. The Amp will be shipped in November.


Read testimonials from artists, contributors, and readers of the Amp to learn about the impact of your support.
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LinkNYC AAPI Trivia

See any AAPI trivia around NYC throughout the month of May? Snap a photo and send it to us at or tag us on social media for a chance to be featured.
Image courtesy of Tomie Arai; LinkNYC.
Visit The Amp and read some of the necessary stories being shared.