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Wild & Tamed Juried Art Competition

Blue Koi Gallery





Jan 25, 2024

The Blue Koi Gallery would like to welcome you to the International “Wild and Tamed” Art Competition. This online competition is all about the interplay of wild and tamed elements in our world. Submissions may range from untamed landscapes and fierce wildlife to serene domestic cultivated gardens. Artists can use different mediums like paintings, sculptures, digital art, prints, photos, and mixed Media art to create their vision. Join in unraveling the intricate interplay between the wild and the tamed.

Awards & Prizes
Recipients of the competition’s top positions will be granted digital certificates. The first, second, and third place winners will receive recognition on the website’s front page, accompanied by a detailed article highlighting their artistic journey and creations. Additionally, merit and honorable mention awards will be presented.

All backgrounds, skill levels and styles accepted. All visual media accepted.
Open worldwide.
Entry fee: $20 for 4 images


Artists must be 18 years old.

Application Instructions


Fine Arts

Experience Level

None Specified

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