Venue Production and Technical Manager

National Sawdust

80 North 6th Street
NY 11249




Aug 08, 2021

The Venue Production & Technical Manager, initially co-reporting to NS Deputy Director, and CFO, is responsible for the day to day administration, planning, operation and oversight of National Sawdust’s technical production and venue department.

Core skills and role needs:
- Personable style and enjoyment of managing diverse projects and people
- Production planning and project management together with the artistic & special event teams
- Technical & production staffing of events and performances
- Interface with department’s Director of Sound & Technical Design, and outside vendors for the upkeep and maintenance of venue technical systems

This position works closely with the Finance Department, Director of Programming, External Affairs, Digital Producer, curators, Director of Composer Initiatives, and artists.

Based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn–National Sawdust is a visionary arts and music organization seeking to enhance the human experience by building new audiences and supporting artists to develop, produce and perform innovative and collaborative work at the NS venue in Brooklyn, and in collaboration with progressive artists and venues domestically and internationally.

“As a composer, I believe the role of an artist in the 21st century is that of creator, educator, activist, and entrepreneur. I believe that 21st-century artists need to be thinking about how they can affect their communities, on a local and global scale. At National Sawdust, supporting emerging artists is our core mission, nurturing a wide array of voices who are collectively reshaping the landscape of new music for this new century.”
–Paola Prestini, Composer, Co-Founder and Artistic Director

The Manager oversees the technical department, communicates across the organization to determine needs for hourly technical staff, and manages the scheduling of hourly audio, lighting, and video techs

The Manager is the lead technical advance contact for touring artists and productions, and advises the Programming department on industry-standard cost overhead for backline rental and other outside production rentals
The Manager is the technical lead for the National Sawdust venue, and the overseer of maintaining all sound, lighting, staging, and backline to functional capacity

Production Advancing
- Interface directly with artists and curators to advise them on capabilities of the venue and prepare briefing documents for hourly tech crews
- Advise outside artists/curators on best practices for stage setup, sound and video design
- Advise internal Programming and External Affairs on estimated cost overhead for technical riders they receive from outside artists
- Source and fulfill rider backline rental needs for touring artists and supplemental instrument and backline rentals for internal productions
- Create diagrams and stage plots to brief hourly tech crews
- Oversee and approve scheduling and run-of-show documents for all in-venue services, ensuring proper time budgeting for smooth production and appropriate meal breaks for technical staff

Hands-on Production
- Production-manage technical crews for high-profile internal events
- Ability to join or lead tech crews as A1, A2, LD, or camera operator for select services

Technical Staffing
- In line with National Sawdust’s values, ethics, and DEI/Anti-Racism efforts, manage hiring and staffing for the hourly tech crews that run events and services
- Typical event crews consist of an A1 A/V tech, A2 stagehand, lighting designer, and optional camera operator
- Schedule hourly techs for events and services based on availability and skillset
- Maintain the internal master production calendar on Tripleseat event management software
- Maintain the master tech staffing calendar on Google Suite

- Advise Programming and External Affairs on time and backline/rental budgeting for events and performances
- Manage TimeStation time tracking software for hourly technical staff
- Attend monthly budget reconciliation meetings with all managerial-level staff
- Other duties as assigned based on business and organizational needs and developments

Venue Technical Maintenance
- Maintenance and troubleshooting for venue audio systems: DiGiCo sound console, Meyer Sound PA system and Compass/D-Mitri management environment, stereo and multitrack audio recorders, Dante AoIP environment
- Maintenance and troubleshooting for venue lighting systems: ETC Ion lighting console, moving and conventional lighting instruments, Crestron automation environment, hazer, and fire control system
- Maintenance and troubleshooting for venue video systems: Christie projector, Blackmagic ATEM production switcher and broadcast panel, video conversion and routing hardware
- Maintenance and troubleshooting for venue backline: guitar and bass amplifiers, monitor wedges, staging and decking, power distribution
- For any tasks outside of the Manager’s direct knowledge or that can’t be addressed on site, oversee outside contractors or service calls, RMA and/or warranty returns

Competitive compensation package with health and other benefits, commensurate with experience.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without unlawful discrimination based on race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other category protected by law. National Sawdust is an equal opportunity employer.

The National Sawdust mission is to cultivate an ecosystem of learning, incubation, and dissemination rooted in open and inclusive music and artistic curiosity–driven by the belief that artistic expression empowers us all to be better people and create a more just world. National Sawdust programs seek to lay a foundation for civic and artistic dialogue that takes on the complex realities of gender disparities, racial inequities, climate change, and disabilities that are both visible and invisible. National Sawdust acknowledges that it is not enough to believe in racial and social justice without taking action to confront racism and end racial and social injustice. National Sawdust is committed to centering the arts and artists in the process and inherent challenges associated with its goal of establishing a more just world. For more information about this commitment and actions underway, please click here. DEI/Anti-Racism Commitment & Actions

As a long-standing member of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals(APAP), National Sawdust adheres to its Code of Ethics for its members and Code of Conduct for its members conference in all of its programs and activities. All APAP members are held accountable for upholding the Code of Ethics and are required to agree and abide by the Code of Ethics annually as a condition of APAP membership. All NS employees and collaborators are expected to abide by this Code.


- 5+ years of experience as a venue technician or studio technician
- Bachelor’s degree
- Music or performing arts experience and knowledge required
- An established professional network in New York City or a nearby region is strongly recommended, the Manager is encouraged to draw on their peers and network for staffing hourly crews
- Industry-appropriate knowledge and skill background in one of these disciplines is recommended: live sound, audio recording, lighting design, studio maintenance
- Experience production-managing shows and events at varying levels of formality; ability to recognize varying management styles from an artist and their team and work harmoniously with them
- Professional-level audio production, video production, cinematography, and/or computer engineering skills are a plus
- Experience with diagramming in imaging, design, CAD, or stage plotting software a plus

Required/Desirable Skills and Knowledge
- A network of freelance audio, visual, lighting, and production talent to compliment the National Sawdust portfolio a plus
- Extensive knowledge of working with performing artists and production teams in multi-disciplinary settings and in dynamic, fluid work environments
- Ability to establish and manage priorities, manage shifting priorities, multi-task, and handle numerous time-sensitive projects with multiple deadlines
- Ability to communicate technical concepts to non-technical personnel and clients
- Ability to troubleshoot technical issues both in and out of time-sensitive situations
- Ability to work successfully as part of a team and independently
- Excellent organizational skills; exceptional attention to detail and follow-through

- Demonstrated creativity, problem solving skills, and good judgment in decision-making
- Excellent interpersonal skills, including proven diplomacy, tact, and ability to interact successfully with a wide range of people while demonstrating deep personal and professional commitment to anti-racism, inclusion, equity, diversity, and accessibility.
- Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
- Demonstrable managerial experience with proven ability to coordinate on behalf of a diverse team, manage budgets, and meet goals
- Ability to develop and sustain professional relationships and collaborate internally and externally for the benefit of the organization
- Professional manager-level computing proficiency
- Available to work nights and weekends as performance schedule requires