Unpaid Internship — Multidisciplinary

Naya Magazine





May 25, 2024

This position is an unpaid internship. They can provide volunteer hour approval, references, certificates of employment and completion, and college credit hours. While this position is primarily for high school and college students, they appreciate all applicants.

Communicate regularly through email, meet occasionally to discuss progress
Create timelines and ideas for initiatives
Assist in planning logistics for projects

They have multiple options for internships:
* Project manager: As a project manager, you will work with Akshay on the planning and execution of multiple media projects.
* Graphic designer: As a graphic designer, you will have the opportunity to work on social media posts, designing projects, creating promotional material, and more assignments.
* Article writer: As an article writer, you will either turn interviews and images into feature articles, research an artist and write an article about them for the Naya Magazine page, or write opinion/informative pages on AAPI culture..
* Interviewer: As an interviewer, you will be asked to research a feature and write interview questions. Additionally, you will correspond with interviewees and either conduct email interviews or online face-to-face interviews.
* Social media creator: As a social media creator, you will be responsible to post on Twitter, TikTok, etc. as well as plan and submit social media ideas.
* Communications director: As a communications director, you will assist in corresponding with organizations, features, collaborators, and more through email and potentially social media.


Must take part in the internship for at least a month
May choose to work 2-5 hours a week or 5-10 hours a week

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