The Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant

The Andy Warhol Foundation



May 17, 2023


Apr 12, 2023

The Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant supports emerging and established writers who write about contemporary visual art. Ranging from $15,000 to $50,000 in three categories—articles, books, and short-form writing—the grants support projects addressing both general and specialized art audiences, from short reviews for magazines and newspapers to in-depth scholarly studies. The program also supports art writing that engages criticism through interdisciplinary methods and experiments with literary styles. As long as a writer meets the eligibility and publishing requirements, they can apply.

Writers are invited to apply in one of the following categories:

  • Article
  • Book
  • Short-Form Writing


To be eligible for this grant, an arts writer must be
* an individual;
* applying for a project about contemporary visual art;
* an art historian, artist, critic, curator, journalist, or a writer in an outside field who is strongly engaged with the contemporary visual arts;
* a U.S. citizen, permanent resident of the United States, or holder of an O-1 visa (if your application advances to the final round, you will need to submit current documentation);
* at least twenty-five years old;
* a published author (specific publication requirements vary depending on grant category; see the project-specific eligibility requirements).
* By “contemporary visual art,” we mean visual art made since World War II. Projects on post-WWII work in adjacent fields—architecture, dance, film, media, music, performance, sound, etc.—will only be considered if they directly and significantly engage the discourses and concerns of contemporary visual art.

An arts writer is NOT eligible for this grant if they are
* applying on behalf of an organization;
* applying for a project in which their primary involvement will be as an editor;
* a full-time student in a degree-granting program (with the exception of those students who are simultaneously maintaining professional careers as arts writers);
* an artist, writer, or curator writing an interpretive essay on their own practice;
* applying for a project that is primarily fiction, poetry (including ekphrasis), or memoir;
* applying for a project based on a PhD dissertation or MA thesis;
* applying to conduct a Q&A interview (or series of Q&A interviews);
* applying to assemble an archive or database;
* applying for a project on Andy Warhol;
* applying for a project that will be published by a commercial gallery;
* applying for a Creative Capital Award for any project in the same grant year (including as a collaborator);
* applying with the same project for which they have received a Creative Capital Award (including as a collaborator);
* a grantee of The Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant;
* a current employee, consultant, board member, or funder of Creative Capital or the Andy Warhol Foundation, or an immediate family member of such a person.