Call for Submissions

Collecting Asian Jewish Stories

The LUNAR Collective



Jun 30, 2023


Apr 12, 2023

Jewish and Asian cultures both trace back millennia and are filled with history and heritage — and no one knows this more than those who are part of both, Asian Jews! Are you an Asian Jew with a humorous or heartbreaking story of when your mixture of heritages was too much to handle? Or when it was a source of strength and inspiration? Is it wrapped up in a story of unexpected romance, drama with family or work, or a moment when how you saw yourself changed?

Asian Jews of mixed heritage (including patrilineal Jews), adoptees, Jews-by-choice — we want your story! Central Asian, East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian Jews — we want your story! It could end up in a new theatre show full of the true stories of Asian Jews!


Share a real-life story, preference to submissions with 1500 words or less.