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Jul 18, 2023

Full time seasonal / $30,851-61,392 annually / Brass Taxes / Fully remote

Brass Taxes helps creatives & freelancers with their taxes, but they’re really about creating an honest, comfortable atmosphere for each person to actually get their questions answered. Taxes can be weird & painful. Brass Taxes focuses on communication, transparency, and education to help make this stuff less stressful and annoying.

They’re seeking a tax advisor who wants to build a career supporting passionate creatives and freelancers. You’ll work directly with clients to prepare their tax returns and help them better understand their finances.


  • Work A Lot, Full time +, Jan-April, Lots of Flexibility May-Dec: Including some weekends, January - April
  • Flexible Off-Season Schedule: Most advisors work 3 days/week, some more, some less, if you work more, you earn more, whenever works for your schedule, highly flexible May - December
  • Common Compensation Paths:
  • [1st year] full time Jan-April & 3 days a week May-December: $30,851
  • [1st year] full time Jan-April & 5 days a week May-December: $41,726
  • [2nd year] full time Jan-April & 3 days a week May-December: $47,003
  • [2nd year] full time Jan-April & 5 days a week May-December: $58,594
  • [3rd year] full time Jan-April & 3 days a week May-December: $49,802
  • [3rd year] full time Jan-April & 5 days a week May-December: $61,392
  • 100% Remote Team: work from home or wherever you’re most comfortable
  • Benefits: 5 weeks paid vacation, 401k matching, access to Brass Taxes media accounts, Brass Taxes cell phone plan, and lots & lots of flexibility

Priority will be given to applications received by July 28, 2023
Projected start date September 5, 2023
Direct questions to:


  • Mad communication skills. The US tax code isn’t literature for light reading. A candidate who enjoys talking to people, can ask the right questions, and communicates to clients in a way that’s understandable and relevant to each unique situation will succeed at Brass Taxes.
  • Empathy. As you might imagine, our clients are often stressed and confused. The job of the tax preparer is to connect with them, explain what they need to understand, and clarify what they don’t need to worry about. This job calls on you to be your best even when you’re tired, in a bad mood, or frustrated.
  • A strong sense of personal responsibility & attention to detail. The sensitive nature of dealing with someone’s finances means you need to maintain a high level of performance and accuracy. Handling errors and issues promptly and professionally is paramount.
  • To be a self-starter. A huge part of the job is learning, researching, improving, and problem solving…no matter how many years of tax prep experience you have under your belt. We work as a team and continued on-the-job education is a key part of who we are, but only driven, independent workers who can manage their time well will thrive here.
  • Tech-savvy-ness. We use a bunch of software tools to make tax season easier for us and a better experience for our clients. You’ll need to be comfortable learning and troubleshooting these important tools.
  • 3+ years of freelance experience. Our ability to truly understand our clients is what sets us apart, so personal experience with the freelance world (how independent contractors do business, how they’re paid, and how they’re taxed) is important.
  • Experience in tax preparation, accounting and/or bookkeeping is a big plus. While this background isn’t necessary, there is a steep learning curve to be prepared for. Get ready to study and learn like you haven’t since you were in school.

Application Instructions

Apply via the application portal.

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