Sound Stories: A Competition for Creators


Brooklyn, NY 11201




Jul 22, 2020

Presented by BACKSTAGE.

Sound Stories is a competition where Creators will create and submit a narrative project using only sound.

Creators will write, cast, record, score, edit and submit a narrative story using only sound. The story must involve vocal performance and/or voice acting.

Your project will premiere online and will be evaluated by top entertainment industry judges, as well as the Backstage audience. Winners will receive around $2000 in cash and audio prizes!

Who can participate?
• Filmmakers
• Voiceover Actors
• Singers
• Sound designers and engineers
• Editors
• Foley artists
• Musicians
• Anyone!

Which awards can my project win?
• Best Sound Story
• Best Directing
• Best Voice Acting or Performance
• Best Sound Design and Editing
• Best Writing
• Best Original Song
• Best Visual Storytelling Through Sound
• Audience Award