Call for Submissions

RFP - Documentarian Support for Urban Climate Justice Project

The Trust for Public Land

Philadelphia, PA 19139


Feb 05, 2021


Jan 14, 2021

The Trust for Public Land creates parks and protects land for people, ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come. Millions of people live near a Trust for Public Land park, green schoolyard, or natural area, and millions more visit these sites every year. Our work is focused on four major initiatives: Parks, lands, schoolyards and trails. The process of creating parks and public green space brings people together and increases community capacity to fix problems far beyond the boundaries of the park. The Trust for Public Land is reimagining and realizing the power of land for people to create stronger communities that move our society forward. We are committed to contributing to climate resilience, advancing equity and access to greenspaces, and promoting public health.

The Trust for Public Land is seeking a documentarian to capture our work, progress, and key decision points throughout our two-year project, Heat Response: Creative action for Philly’s Rising Temperatures. Documentation may take form as a report, story map, social media share, etc. and will serve as a reflection tool for our organization as we consider the project’s impact on us and the communities we serve. Documentation will be shared with organizations who can learn from our work; policymakers who are devoted to public art and/or climate justice; and potential supporters, including donors, who can be more informed on who to invest in.

We welcome creative ideas on how documentation can be conducted. At this point, we anticipate three key activities, but welcome proposals that provide for additional/modified activities as long as strong rationale is provided. The selected documentarian will provide the following services among other elements still to be identified.


• Review existing/ongoing cataloging and reporting of communication
o Review existing collateral provided
o Review recordings of key project meetings/webinars
o Highlight key learning moments that have been articulated through various forms of communication (emails, memos, etc.)
• Direct witnessing of field work
o This may include key community engagement activities (workshops, community build days, outreach sessions, etc.)
o This may also include direct interviews with staff involved in project and key project partners (artists, residents, and advisory team members)
• Articulate a narrative
o Summarize for the Trust for Public Land and other identified audiences the key lessons, growth, challenges, and obstacles that have been foundational throughout the duration of this project
o Present narrative in compelling manner either through a high-quality report with visual accompaniments, a story map, or other media solutions – our budget should be taken into consideration when determining which media is most effective

All entries will be reviewed. Top submissions may include a follow-up call to allow for additional details and questions. We’ll take into consideration:
• Creativity
• Past work samples
• Qualifications
• Cost