Call for Submissions

Rehearsal Space Subsidy


218 East 18th Street, Ground Floor
New York, NY 10003-3694


Dec 10, 2021


Nov 02, 2021

Administered by Dance/NYC and made possible by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the purpose of the New York City Dance Rehearsal Space Subsidy Program is to make affordable rehearsal space available to dance makers who are in critical need of space for the creation and development of their work, while also fostering a more inclusive and just dance field. By addressing financial barriers to accessing artistic development space, this program aims to advance dance artistry in the five boroughs of New York City and contribute to the field’s overall diversity, sustainability, resilience, and health. As of 2021, the Rehearsal Space Subsidy Program has provided $1,760,500 in funding to 16 unique dance rehearsal space facilities to subsidize rehearsal space rentals, collectively offering more than 65,000 hours over three years across all five boroughs. While dance rehearsal space facilities are the direct recipients of funding, individual dance artists and dance making organizations are the primary intended beneficiaries of the program.

In 2022-2024, Dance/NYC is once again administering the program, and intends to provide a grantee cohort of an anticipated 16-18 rehearsal space facilities a total of over $2 million over the 36-month grant period.

The experiences of artists are central to this grant program, which grants funding that subsidizes the costs of venues to provide affordable hourly rental rates to the dance community. Dance/NYC invites artists and choreographers, administrators, producers, managers, and all members of our community that use rehearsal space to nominate studios for consideration in the program. Any studio can be nominated, regardless of size, location, or business structure (i.e.: 501©(3), for-profit spaces, etc.).

Nominated spaces will be provided with more information on the program and invited to respond to a Request for Expressions of Interest (to be released November 9, 2021). Nomination forms will be accepted until November 19, 2021. Artist nominations serve to highlight rehearsal space facilities that may not otherwise pursue participation in the program and further function as recommendations of a venue’s effective service to the field. NOTE: Spaces may apply regardless of whether they have received artist nominations.