Audition/Casting Call

Reason to Lie - Short Student Film

Kelsey Sha

Los Angeles, CA 90045




Apr 26, 2023

Casting for “Reason to Lie,” a short film/reverse Rashomon-type mystery psychological thriller about a family under interrogation for the gruesome murder of a high school senior, yet contrary to what one might expect, everyone seems to be convinced that they are guilty.
Filming dates are TBD, but will likely be in October 2023. This is a paid opportunity! (Flat: $100-200)

Lucy (Mother) - Lead, Female, 30-47
A loving mother—at least in her own way. She has been through ups and downs and has seen a few things, but she always puts her family first. She is in her 30s, pretty, and well-dressed. She has somehow escaped the weathering of time. She has an elegant, yet high horse and mean atmosphere. She’s not an easy person to be around. She displays a crazy and obsessive persona to the investigator, but that is all an act. She is normally gentile with her husband, and a strict (perhaps a little overbearing) but good mother to Charles.

Evan (Father) - Lead, Male, 35-50
A loving father, a loving husband, and a great doctor, with a chill, “everything will be alright” persona. The typical fun dad, the type that never gets mad and wants his son to just be happy. His heart breaks when he sees his son in distress and feels helpless when he is unable to make him feel better. In the majority of the film, Evan is a little sad, but deep down a little relieved, like a person who has a terminal illness. He can be a little mad/crazy when he gets emotional, but he is overall collected and comedic.

Charles (Son) - Lead, Male, 18-25
18, great grades, good-looking (nerdy but in a handsome way), uptight, righteous, and a little disillusioned. He is too well protected by his parents, and he also carries too much from them. Due to this, he is naive, and not independent enough. He feels that he needs to do his parents justice, and feels constant pressure. He doesn’t want to disappoint. He also doesn’t know what to do when something way out of plan strikes him, especially when dealing with his parents.


Please include photos and videos (reels, audition tapes, etc.) with your submission!