Call for Submissions

Open Call: Superfine! Art Fair, NYCx2020

Superfine! Art Fair

New York, NY 11201




Jan 16, 2020
As both artists and collectors, we wanted to find a better way for regular people to connect directly with artists and support their work, while showing artists how to sell art and — most importantly — how to replace their job income with art income. That’s how Superfine! was born: art fairs for individual artists where they gain the tools to build a market for themselves, saving time, energy, and stress while allowing real people to discover, connect with, and support our artist community’s life work. As we’ve expanded to cities across the country: NYC, LA, Chicago, Seattle, Washington DC, and now San Francisco we’ve proven that the artist-to-buyer connection is at the center of a sustainable art market. In just 4 or 5 days, our artists meet more collectors than they were in an entire year, and 75% of our surveyed visitors say meeting the artist is their favorite part of attending each Superfine! Art Fair.