Audition/Casting Call

NYU Senior Thesis Casting Call

Monica Mai

New York, NY 10003




Feb 18, 2020

Casting “Homecoming,” an NYU senior thesis short film about a high school girl preparing for her high school homecoming dance when her father suddenly and unexpectedly returns after seven years of incarceration.

Seeking the following –

MICAH (Female, 16 - 22, speaks Chinese and English):
A studious, model high school senior… or so she wants her classmates to believe. She holds up a perfect facade at school, all in an extremely calculated effort to hide her shame, resentment, and embarrassment about her incarcerated father. Naturally stubborn and kind-hearted, she cares for the people around her a lot, but very carefully guards her emotions due to deep-rooted abandonment issues. She divides most of her time studying or working part-time at a local Chinese restaurant or helping out at her grandma’s alterations shop.

PETER (Male, 36 - 50, speaks Chinese and English):
An extremely dedicated father who stops at nothing to secure a good life for his daughter, Micah. Despite having spent seven years in prison for drug trafficking, he holds a certain optimism about the world and its possibilities for Micah. He never went to college, but he worked hard and studied with a tutor while he was incarcerated. Old habits die hard, and Peter is still addicted to smoking and drinking. The world is a lot different from when he was last free, and he now has big dreams of having a respectable occupation.

LING YUE (Female, 60+, speaks Chinese):
A very proud, no-fuss grandmother who condemns yet understands his son’s sacrifice to get a good education for his daughter. She has been raising Micah on her own for the past seven years, but now, as Micah is growing up, it feels more like Micah is taking care of her. Once her son returns, she feels a huge weight lifted off her shoulders as she feels at fault for her son’s incarceration and her granddaughter’s fatherless upbringing. Food is her love language, and she is excellent at cooking.


fluent in Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin, but Cantonese preferred)