Managing Director

Tom O'Connor Consulting Group

Ogunquit, ME 03907




Aug 08, 2022
The Ogunquit Playhouse seeks its next Managing Director to work alongside Executive Artistic Director Bradford Kenney, leading this storied theater into its next era of growth and excellence. The Playhouse has been on an extraordinary trajectory of transformation from one of America’s most respected summer companies to increasing recognition as a leading regional theatre, an important home for developing major new musicals, and a partner to producers from New York and London.
The ideal candidate for Managing Director will bring expertise in the non-profit theatre field (including its relationship to creative development in the commercial sphere), with a love for the work on stage and a commitment to generating the resources, empowering the staff, and engaging the audiences at levels necessary to ensure that art can thrive. The Managing Director will need to have the skills to navigate the complexities of co-leading an organization that is undertaking long-term capital projects while at the same time conducting the complex daily operations of a regional theatre, and while prioritizing the needs and goals of the people who make the Playhouse hum–the staff, the artists, the volunteers, and the audience.



Skills and experience:
● The ability and desire to work in a collaborative partnership with a co-executive leader; the ability to engage in productive problem solving as a team, while also being a decisive leader in areas of direct responsibility.
● Demonstrated leadership skills in leading a team with distinct areas of expertise and responsibility, while fostering the collaboration among those teams needed to effectively and efficiently fulfill the theatre’s needs.
● Strong non-profit financial literacy, with ability to lead budget creation, understand forecasting models, and ensure accuracy of tracking and reporting.
● Experience with or understanding of the role of the non-profit theater in connection to the commercial producing world, and how those partnerships benefit the Playhouse and the field.
● Comfort and success with fundraising and a strategic fundraising approach that aligns with belief in the impact of the Playhouse both historically and currently, and both locally and nationally.
● An appreciation for the legacy of the Playhouse, from the historic value of the building and the commitment to its preservation and the rich experience of the space, to the role the Playhouse has filled in the creation of Ogunquit’s identity as an arts destination.
● Experience in or demonstrated understanding of the position of an executive in a non-profit organization, reporting to a Board of Directors, holding the organization in trust for the community.
● Knowledge of capital projects management and finance.
● Experience managing competing priorities in complex, often fast-paced settings.
● Strong and persuasive communication skills, with the authenticity to effectively inspire excitement for Playhouse across a range of constituents, from board and staff to audiences, volunteers, and donors.
● A demonstrated commitment to anti-racism, and a dedication to staying abreast of best practices around creating equity and access and applying them to the work of running a theatre.

Qualities and Characteristics:
● A firm belief in the power of theater and the impact it can make on our world.
● Organized and attentive to deadlines and immediate needs of operations, but also maintains long-term focus to support the vision of the strategic plan.
● Understanding that growth brings occasional discomfort but can lead through those times with the larger goal in mind.
● Has an open and inquisitive mind that values differing perspectives.
● Ability to build trust and loyalty with multiple stakeholder groups: staff, artists, donors, and the larger community in which the theater lives, both in Maine and with the national theater field.
● Believes in the strength of collaboration, and is adept in and committed to resolving conflicts that can arise in collaborative groups.