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Nov 16, 2021

Position Summary:
Pace invites applications for the position of a tenure-track Assistant Professor and Program Head of Musical Theater (PHMT). The successful candidate will teach in their identified discipline and report directly to the Executive Director of PPA. The PHMT will inspire and guide Pace’s musical theater programs into the future. Overseeing the mission, this individual will welcome inclusive environments and provide leadership of all music theater programming, curriculum, and experiences for students at Pace.

Roles and Responsibilities:
Strategic Vision and Leadership

  • Inspire, energize, and lead Pace’s musical theater programs into the future.
  • Stay abreast of the evolving and dynamic nature of the musical theater industry.
  • Lead Musical Theater curriculum and program review, evaluation, development, and implementation.
  • Embrace other strategic vision and leadership opportunities as needed.

Stakeholder Engagement and Management

  • Build strong networks and partnerships with musical theater education and performance communities, working in tandem with the Executive Director.
  • Advocate for musical theater program students and faculty in conjunction with the Executive Director.
  • Collaborate with the Executive Director on program fundraising and grant writing.
  • Connect with musical theater alumni.
  • Embrace other stakeholder engagement and management opportunities as needed.

Program Capacity Building and Resourcing

  • Oversee the recruitment, hiring, and evaluation of adjunct faculty and staff.
  • Select the year’s productions and identify the artistic team for each production.
  • Facilitate the Artist-in Residence program and collaborate with other PPA programs.
  • Embrace other program capacity building and resourcing opportunities.

Student-Faculty Value and Program Enhancement

  • Partner with other division heads and Pace leadership to enhance the student and faculty experience.
  • Identify and invest in student value and faculty engagement.
  • Assess current and desired student needs and programs with an eye towards improving the overall student experience.
  • Collaborate with the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid to recruit and evaluate prospective students.
  • Manage the retention of students.
  • Embrace other student-faculty value and program enhancement opportunities.

Traits and Characteristics:
The PHMT will be a compassionate, empathetic, and respectful leader. This individual will be innovative, inspiring, and committed to Pace’s motto of Opportunitas.

Other key competencies include:

  • Diplomacy – The dexterity to effectively and tactfully handle difficult or sensitive issues.
  • Appreciating Others – The capacity to identify with and care about others.
  • Time and Priority Management – The ability to prioritize and complete tasks in order to deliver desired outcomes within allotted time frames.
  • Leadership and Teamwork – The aptitude to organize and inspire people to believe in a vision while creating a sense of purpose and direction and cooperating with others to meet objectives.
  • Resilience – The adeptness to quickly recover from adversity.
  • Flexibility – The ability to readily modify, respond, and adapt to change with minimal resistance.

Compensation and Benefits:
This position offers a generous benefits package, including a competitive salary.

Pace University is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action employer. Minorities, women, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and people of all gender identities are encouraged to apply.


The successful candidate will be an established musical theater practitioner and/or scholar with either a master of fine arts or terminal degree in musical theater or theater. Expertise in any of the disciplines of musical theater will be considered, including acting, voice, direction, and/or dance. The ideal candidate will have education and experience in anti-racist teaching, mentoring, instruction, and administration as a color-conscious leader by promoting diversity and equity in education and theater. The PHMT should have demonstrable experience contributing to a climate of inclusivity and working with a diverse range of stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

Application Instructions

To submit a cover letter and resume with a summary of demonstrable accomplishments (electronic submissions preferred), please click here or visit For questions or general inquiries about this job opportunity, please contact:

Jane V. Hsu, Associate Vice President
1040 First Avenue, Suite 352
New York, NY 10022
Tel: (888) 234.4236 Ext. 223