Call for Submissions

En Foco Media Arts Fund: Work in Progress (WIP) Initiative 2024

En Foco, Inc.



Jan 27, 2024


Nov 28, 2023
The Fourth Annual En Foco Media Arts Fund: Work in Progress (WIP) Initiative: $2,000 Support Grant in collaboration with BronxNet is designed to support New York City artists of color who engage with Digital Media technologies within their art-making processes. The award will focus solely on works that need support toward the completion of a current work in progress, which demonstrates the highest quality of work and potential as determined by a panel of peers, and industry professionals. All innovative interpretations of Digital Media will be considered, requiring a critical digital aspect in both the process and product. Proposed projects where the final products are photographic in nature are ineligible for funding.



  1. Create an account with
  2. A project proposal (500-1000 words). Describe specific aspects of your work such as subject matter, context, content, location, personal relevance, and the anticipated completion of the work you submitted.
  3. Budget – outlining the total costs associated with the project, including which portion of the budget funding is requested.
  4. A one-page resume & 150 – 200 word biography.
  5. A 200-word artist statement.
  6. Support Materials. Please refer to guidelines

The application form does not have to be completed in a single session; the system will save your draft application. We suggest that you save often as you fill out the form and that you save a copy of any narrative texts.

For questions about the guidelines and application process, please contact: