Audition/Casting Call

Documentary Photography Project Casting

Ramona Jingru Wang

101 Allen Street
New York, NY 10002




Sep 19, 2023
“My friends are cyborgs, but that’s okay” is a mockumentary photo project made to imagine a world where Asian bodies navigate as cyborgs in a hegemonic human society. It covers fashion, beauty, lifestyle and relationships in the cyborg community, something one would see in a magazine editorial about the cyborg world. It explores the complex state of being cyborgs and asian — fluid, transgressive, marginalized but also stereotyped as unemotional and inhuman.


Looking for cyborgs of Asian descent in NYC:
- who’s pregnant and would like to document it (one-time or long-term)
- twins, all ages, all genders
- parents or grandparents, all ages

Date: TBD, will coordinate according to your availability
Time: < 2 hours
Location: NYC, looking to shoot at participant’s home/neighborhood*
*Open to location suggestions if you have any in mind

Application Instructions

Please email if interested, or have any questions!