Digital Project Manager

Museum of Science

Boston, MA 02114




Mar 25, 2022

The Digital Project Manager will manage the website development queue as well as the production cycle, ensuring that projects are sufficiently resourced and delivered on time to the client’s specifications. This person will also work directly with internal clients, assisting with project plans, managing milestones, and serving as a general technical resource when needed. As this person is familiar with the development lifecycle, they will need to proactively identify any risks with the project and offer solutions in order to move towards completion.


  • Oversees 1 web ticketing queue
  • Process an average of 15 new tickets per week
  • Manage 5 - 10 ongoing projects of various sizes at one time
  • Partners with 25 clients across 6 divisions
  • Coordinate 3 - 5 milestone meetings per week
  • Oversees content production/maintenance of 1200 web pages


  • Post high school course work, technical degree, associate’s degree, business or vocational certificate.
  • 3 or more years of Business, Information Systems, Project Management, Communications, Marketing, Front End Web Development experience.
  • 3+ of project management experience working in an agency or related field
  • Working knowledge of common content management system workflows
  • Experience with project management methodologies around full life cycle web CMS development, web design, and Agile (or other iterative approach)
  • Experience with updating front end content in a CMS (Drupal, Sitecore, Wordpress, etc.)
  • Understanding of web technologies and limitations
  • Ability to convey project requirements, timelines, and deliverables in writing, verbally, and graphically
  • Demonstrated communications skills when dealing with nontechnical internal and external stakeholders