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Mar 01, 2021


Feb 02, 2021

Creative Capital helps visionary artists in all disciplines build thriving careers, and every year we review applications from artists ready to take the next step in their creative practices. The selected artists receive the Creative Capital Award, which includes up to $50,000 in funding for bold new projects, as well as a wide range of counsel, career development, and networking opportunities to make their work come to life.

Artists can submit their project ideas through a free application, open now through March 1, 2021 at 4pm ET. This application is designed to identify artists working at the forefront of their fields with questions regarding intention, impact, timeliness, and capacity.

What Type of Work Are We Looking For?
Creative Capital looks for projects that redefine and reimagine what art is and what it can do. Projects should challenge the status quo and provoke conversations about the topics they are engaging. What matters most in the application is the strength, vision and originality of the project idea, capacity of the artist to make it happen, and how the project development fits in with the trajectory of the artist’s overall creative practice. The application is designed to provide a glimpse at the core ideas of an artist’s project idea and career. We know that projects evolve, shift, and change over the course of their development, and in fact we expect that this will happen for artists that receive the award.

Tips for Artists in Different Disciplines
This year, we hosted five different info sessions speaking to artists and professionals in different disciplines. Watch these info sessions through our YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions
Review some of the most frequently asked questions, including information about our application process timeline, and what we ask reviewers to consider when evaluating applications here.