Audition/Casting Call

Casting Call: a Columbia MFA short film "THE MOON IN THE WATER"

Columbia University MFA Short Film

New York, NY 10009




Feb 27, 2023

THE MOON IN THE WATER (writer/director: Jingwen Fang; producer: Nadine Jin)

Columbia MFA film calling for Chinese-speaking actors (non-paid, negotiable).

After 45 years of married life, Zhu Lan, an elderly Chinese woman, tries to figure out what love is. For doing that, she makes lots of effort with her family.


> Zhu Lan (50-60s, Chinese female, fluent in Mandarin, better with dialect),
impatient and fiery personality, superstitiously believes in various gods. She likes romantic things but has a bland-as-water marriage. After moving to the United States for her daughter, she’s a bit lost in her marriage and her family.

> Li (50-60s, Chinese male, basic Mandarin), Zhu Lan’s husband for 45 years.
He’s gentle and unhurried, seldom quarrel with his wife, also very afraid of his wife’s anger.

> Qingyi Li (30s, Chinese female, fluent in Mandarin), Zhu Lan’s youngest daughter, unmarried, already settled in New York. She senses the unfortunate part of her parent’s marriage but chooses to turn a blind eye to it, until she herself is urged to marry by her mother.