Audition/Casting Call

Casting Call: Columbia MFA Short Film "JUK"

Columbia University MFA Short Film

New York, NY 10009




Feb 27, 2023

JUK (writer/director: Nadine Jin; producer: Amie Song)

Columbia MFA film calling for Korean speaking actors (non-paid, negotiable).

A film about family relationships surrounding three generations of Korean American women. After picking up her grandmother from the nursing home, Kaya begins to resent her grandmother for being cruel to her mother.


> KAYA (7-13, Female): A Korean American child living with her single mother. Calm, soft-spoken, and mature for her age, Kaya quietly accompanies her mother to visit her grandmother in a nursing home. She begins to feel resentment towards her ill-tempered grandmother.

> SUKI (35-50, Female, Must be fluent in Korean): A second generation Korean American single mother who has a young daughter. Suki is hardworking, trying to make ends meet to support her daughter but also for her mother who recently had two major surgeries.

> MIJA(60-80, Female, Must be fluent in Korean): First generation Korean immigrant. Mija had worked all her life until her husband passed away two years ago. Since then, her health deteriorated rapidly and she recently had two big surgeries. She misses her son and fears that she will be forgotten as her physical condition and limited freedom in the nursing home daunts her.