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Art on the Ave NYC Inwood

Art on the Ave

20 West 86th Street
New York, NY 10024


Sep 30, 2023


Sep 11, 2023

Using the work of local New York artists, Art on the Ave wishes to spark a conversation about the “connections” that make a community. The act of connecting is that of building relationships between ideas, people, and environments. It bridges many disciplines and means something different to everyone. They want to explore this concept as we reflect on what it means to connect in modern times based on unique experiences.

It is up to the artist how to interpret “connections.” From human connection, the sense of belonging a person can experience when having supportive relationships with those around them, to connection between like or different ideas to gain a better understanding of the world, to professional or commercial connection, or anywhere in between. Think about it from a personal perspective as those relationships that foster a sense of closeness, growth, and learning, from a social perspective as those links that bring communities together, from an environmental perspective as the ways in which we relate to nature, and a from a commercial perspective as those interactions that take place within a neighborhood.

Application Instructions

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