Story Up Shorts in New York: Program 2

Saturday, April 6, 2024

The Young Korean Artists Series began as a continuous partnership between the Korean Cultural Center New York and CJ Cultural Foundation in 2022. The Series aims to discover and support a new generation of Korean artists across different artistic genres. Firmly believing that the growth of emerging artists is essential to contributing to the cultural landscape, the program will nurture Korean artists based in New York to pave their way to the international stage.

The “STORY UP Shorts in New York” introduces films of aspiring young Korean directors who dream to make an impact in the cinema world like Bong Joon-Ho and Park Chan-Wook. Through the selected six award-winning films across genres, the films give viewers delve into the visions and narratives of Korea’s young filmmaking talent.

The Korean Cultural Center New York and CJ Cultural Foundation will continue to support various young, emerging artists in sharing their work at the newly opened Korean Cultural Center New York. Please join them in their ongoing efforts to empower artists in pursuing their dreams.

Program 2 (5PM)
- Light It Up at 2 AM (2022 / 18m 56s)
- In The Dry Stream (2022 / 25m 43s)
- 29th breath (2022 / 26m 53s)

Programs Line-up

◆ Light It Up at 2 AM 새벽 두시에 불을 붙여 (2022)

     - Director/Writer: Yoo Jongseok (유종석)
     - 18m 56s


The film begins with a girl’s narration of a story about the fire that broke out at an institute for girls and a girl named Yurim. Yurim was particularly afraid of fire but was determined to start one. Based on the true story which took place in 1995—forgotten in most people’s memories despite dozens of casualties.

◆ In The Dry Stream 유빈과 건 (2022)

     - Director/Writer: Kang Ji-hyo (강지효)
     - 25m 43s


Deep in the dry stream are two boys named Yu-bin and Geon, who are each other’s only friends. To them, the dry stream is the best hideout and playground, but no one seems to understand.

Jeju-do is a special island south of the Korean Peninsula which has been cultivating unique mythology and culture isolated from the mainland. This short film is based in Jeju-do, as it is rapidly losing its primeval forest and culture while its connection to the mainland grows stronger.

◆ 29th breath 29번째 호흡 (2022)

     - Director/Writer: Kook Joong-yi (국중이)
     - 26m 53s


Ah-Hee wasn’t planning on becoming a zombie from the start. All she wanted was to take on a new challenge to work on her acting skills. However, as time went by, she realized that she was only cast as a zombie and promised herself that she would never play a zombie again… Eventually, she ends up heading back to the set as a zombie…

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