February 29 – March 2, 2024

A4’s community encouraged to purchase QTBIPOC discount tickets, no code needed.
If the admission price is a financial barrier, please email us at for a waiver.
Talkback with Justine Lee and reception directly after the performance on Friday, March 1

Wild Future 野未來 represents the unknown yet powerful future that is rooted in the current moment. The rapport that stretches through time breaks dimensions. The expansiveness of the horizon coming from a collapsed blackhole. Consequences come with every decision being made at every moment. This performance consists of two pieces, “ \ \ \ ” (reads as Three Slashes) and ”Dis-placement 誤置”.

Exploration of rapport is the core of the work. In “ \ \ \ ”, two dancers are connected by a 4 feet long string. The string is a materialization of connection between two. With the understanding that the link between two never ceases to exist, active negotiation is taking place every second. Energy flows through and morphs physical structures of bodies and strings, keeping all entangled. ”Dis-placement 誤置” is a solo multimedia exploration of cross-cultural imprints of identity: Taiwanese, Hip Hop, and the cosmos. My body and mind shapeshifting through role plays of different me, racing to be the monarch of the “true self.” Placement is context; yet when placement is intermingled with sentiments, context becomes knotty. One triggers another.

The theater located on the ground floor is ADA accessible.

SHA Creative Outlet is a company that is rooted in dance and showcases in many mediums including film, photography, design, animation, and live performances. With dance styles such as Contemporary, Breaking, Wing Tsun Martial Arts at its core, SHA Creative Outlet is dedicated to innovation, collaboration, and connection.

Formed in November 2021 in Brooklyn, New York, the company has performed in Triskelion Arts Theater(NY), Abrons Arts Center(NY), Prospect Park(NY), the Center at West Park(NY), Judson Church(NY), Firehouse Theater(VA), and the Rady Shell(CA).

Founded by Shannon Yu 余香儒, 2023 Asian American Arts Alliance’s Jadin Wong Fellow for Dance. Sha holds an MFA in Performance and Performance Studies from Pratt Institute, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from National Taiwan University. Shannon identifies as a multi-disciplinary artist, dancer-choreographer, queer creator.