WILD FLOWERS: An Exhibit of Clay & Fiber

September 3 – September 26, 2021
12 – 12AM

This exhibition ‘Wild Flowers: an Exhibit of Clay & Fiber’ showcases a combination of Amy Supton’s recent pieces and earlier works that are shaped like shells or flowers. Long-time fiber artist Amy Supton’s works evolved with ceramic and other media evoking lushness, fertility, youth, sensuality and sexuality.

In her mixed media pieces, the ceramic object is created first, and the colors and textures of the accompanying weaving are conceived to complement the clay pieces. Ceramic pieces are primarily unglazed white ceramics with only a tiny bit of colored glaze. As a result, the pieces are nearly all made in shades of white, and the textures and fibers of the weaving are the colors. The contrast and harmony between two very different media beautifully proclaim female identity.