STRANGERS IN A ROOM - United States Premiere

Saturday, June 1, 2024
8 – 10PM

Racial stereotyping becomes an Asian actor’s literal Demon in the psychological thriller ‘Strangers In A Room’ premiering June 1 at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival.

STRANGERS IN A ROOM - United States Premiere
Directed by Andre Rehal
The 14th Annual Art of Brooklyn Film Festival
Saturday, June 1 - 8PM at Pratt Film/Video 500 Myrtle Ave. Bklyn NY 11205

Trailer and Tickets:

In the new thriller STRANGERS IN A ROOM, Jae Kim, a second-generation Korean actor, encounters a demonic vision on the day of a big commercial audition. After a microaggression ‘in the room,’ Jae is plunged into a state of shock and depression. He isolates himself in his apartment, questioning his dream of being an actor while longing for his ex-girlfriend-turned-influencer, Alisha. Unbeknownst to him, a mysterious mask-adorned Demon looms in the shadows, its intentions shrouded in mystery. Eventually, Jae confronts the enigmatic Demon, leading to a transformative encounter that forever alters his life.

Toronto-based director Andre Rehal said, “The inspiration behind STRANGERS IN A ROOM stems from my experiences working as a session director in commercial casting and conversations with artists about coping with failure. The decision to have a Korean protagonist was rooted in the concept of "Han,” a feeling of unresolved resentment and acute pain. The Dokkaebi — Korean goblins or spirits with extraordinary powers who play tricks on, or help humans — derive from folklore and provide a tangible element within the story, subtly tied to the lead character’s cultural identity. I have a deep admiration for the culture and its influence on me as a filmmaker, encompassing South Korean and pan-Asian cinema.”

There will be a Q&A with the filmmakers after the screening.

Jonathan Kim - Jae Kim • Shreya Patel - Alisha
The Neighbor/ The Demon - Foad HP • Geoff - Andy McQueen
Sun-Young Kim - Uni Park • Ryan - Leonard Chan
Nigel - Chris Sandiford • Christian - Sharjil Rasool

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