Story Writing Workshop for Asian Jews

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Story Writing Workshop for Asian Jews! Whether you’ve never written your own story before and want to try, or you’re an experienced professional writer or passionate theatre nerd, learn how to turn your personal life experiences into onstage stories! This one-night workshop is created in partnership with The Braid, the go-to Jewish storytelling theatre company, whom LUNAR is partnering with to create a new Asian Jewish theatre show. Learn more about The Braid’s unique style and discover how it can empower your own voice!

Thank you to Jews of Color Initative for supporting this workshop!

Who’s invited?

This event is open to Asian American Jews. We define Asian American Jews as folks who identify as both Asian American and Jewish — this can include mixed-race folks, transracial adoptees, Asian Jews by Choice, and more. We fully welcome those in the process of converting to Judaism.