SOAK 2016: LEIMAY LUDUS Lab with butoh teacher Moeno Wakamatsu

June 10 – June 12, 2016
10 – 2PM
Make Visible with Moeno WakamatsuJune 10-12, 10am-2pm, $140

This LUDUS Lab strips down dance to the very basic essentials. What is the dance when one removes everything that is unnecessary? Often dancers perform to show what they “do” or to express their ideas/concepts/feelings. Take those away, then they are left empty and exposed: this is the place we begin. If one dares to stand naked and open to the world, to the audience, to one’s own self, then the body, the consciousness, the audience, and the environment all become as one single phenomenon. As one phenomenon, the body will begin “to be moved” without one’s own will, as if by some other forces. An unknown will becomes visible. This lab introduces concrete physical approach towards this way of dancing, through various physical, sensory, imagery exercises and guidance.

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Moeno Wakamatsuis a Japanese solo dance artist residing in the countryside of France. Originally an architect, she is also a Feldenkrais practitioner for over 15 years. Her work exists outside the arts of ideas or concepts, and aims for direct communication in intensified time and space. An expression that is beyond physical movements, her work often challenges definition of what is dance.