Workshop: Probing Peculiar Plants with artist Denise Sfraga

Saturday, April 15, 2023
3 – 4:30PM

This is a free art workshop, where Denise Sfraga will take you on a fascinating journey through strange and exotic plants from around the world that you won’t find at your local garden center. During the presentation, Denise will showcase unique specimens like the White Baneberry (Dolls Eyes), Hydnora Africana (Jackal Food), Calceolaria Uniflora (Happy Aliens), Hydnellum Peckii (Devil’s Tooth), and the infamous Titan Arum (Corpse Flower), among others.

Get inspired by the captivating images from the presentation and use your imagination to create your very own wacky and weird plant world! You’ll have access to various materials, including markers, colored pencils, stencils, and crayons, to create an 8x6" drawing of your unique and imaginative plants. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the fascinating world of peculiar plants and let your creativity run wild!