(Online) ”Hand-in-Hand” storytelling through shadow theater in english

September 30 – October 13, 2020
7 – 8PM

English version
Session I: 9/30/2020 @7pm performance
Session II: 10/7/2020 @7pm storytelling workshop
Session III: 10/13/2020 @7pm shadow theater workshop
Puppetry artist Spica Wobbe interviewed her mom and transformed the interview and her childhood memories into shadows. The image of a mother holding her daughter’s hand conveys how the previous generation took care of the next generation. Through shadow, light, music and storytelling, it also tells how her mom, a self-taught artist, Ms. Shia Zhaozhi, used her paintings to document her life stories growing up in Taipei, Taiwan. Participants will have a chance to create their own story and bring it to life with shadows puppetry. Follow the performance, there will be a storytelling workshop and a shadow theater workshop.
Ages 10 and up
No previous storytelling or shadow puppetry experience is necessary.