"No Body" by Saki Sato

August 11 – August 28, 2022
5 – 9PM

“No Body” by Saki Sato is a survey of the artist’s recent work, from ceramic sculpture to digital video, connected by the concept of alternate or absent human forms. This is Sato’s first solo presentation.

A body is the medium through which we experience reality– but what is our concept of self in a void? Sato examines how the lack of a body, or an entirely different body, can be an asset, freeing the viewer to engage from another perspective besides their own. Sato’s works explore the realms of the imagination as she embodies the consciousness of a wine cork or a fly, creates cocktails and trading cards that exist in a purely aesthetic dimension, and re-invents a popular children’s character by placing its face onto new, foreign forms.

Born from a first-generation Japanese father and a white American mother, Sato has navigated her entire existence between two cultures. Shifting between identities and expectations became natural to her, and while this presented its own difficulties, it also gave her a deep appreciation and respect for many different beings, beliefs and cultures. In the theater of the mind, no body is necessary.

Opening Reception
Aug 11, 2022 5-9pm
Special cocktails by the artist and Japanese street food by Yoko Nips

Closing Event
Aug 28, 2022 12-6pm
Solo music performances and a video screening

Open Hours Wednesday-Sunday 12-6pm