ModA Curations Spring 2024 Exhibition "Being Human"

March 15 – March 20, 2024
11 – 9PM

Join our board of AAPI directors during NY Asian Art Week in supporting and celebrating the work of emerging diverse artists from around the world. This contemporary art exhibition aims to evoke the personal and shared in navigating human experiences. We put art into conversation with anthropology to call attention to the socio-cultural elements of our ways of being. The artists hail from 7 countries around the world and are themselves ethnographers, demonstrating the importance of creation, documentation, and translation in their art as cultural text.

They navigate the interplay between our bodies and our surroundings, the relationship between nature and culture. They portray things as agents, grapple with the everyday fantastical and grotesque, and explore the potential for materiality to express the fabric of the human condition. They tackle identity in their craft, from femininity to blackness, and make place with diasporic living and displaced afterlives.

There is resistance, there is reclamation, there is reimagination. Together, our artists form an archive that challenges us to move beyond where we are to come closer.

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