dragonchild x Sunken Cages

Friday, March 15, 2024
9:30 – 11PM

Sunken Cages is the moniker of Indian-born drummer/electronic music producer Ravish Momin, who has worked with a wide array of musicians, from pop-star Shakira to legendary jazz saxophonist Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre (of the AACM), in addition to leading his own innovative global groups Tarana and Turning Jewels Into Water (with Val Jeanty). Sunken Cages plays electronic and acoustic drums, triggers melodies and textures, and generates loops in real-time, while dragonchild shifts between saxophones and electronics.

Conceived by Ethio-American saxophonist D.A. Mekonnen – co-founder/leader of the widely celebrated Debo Band – the solo project dragonchild is a culmination of decades of musical experimentation, embodied spiritual practice, and critical thinking.

Together, they create an exciting new global music that draws from their respective cultural backgrounds as well as contemporary electronic music.