Mayura: Blue Peacock

September 18 – September 20, 2014

The evening-length work uses classical poetry and literature to weave vivid images of the peacock from Indian myths and legends – from the powerful ancient Mayil Virutham which praises the peacock as Lord Muruga’s vehicle, to the lilting epics of Kalidasa describing the peacock in the rains, as a reminder of Ram’s longing for Sita, to the love songs of Andal and Mirabhai.

The original music score has been composed by the renowned composer Rajkumar Bharathi and features original choreography by Sonali Skandan. The cast comprises six talented energetic dancers.

Dancers: Sonali Skandan, Njideka Emenogu, Maya Kappil, Bavani Pillai, Sangita Sahasranaman and Mallika Bhargava

Lighting Design: Tim Cryan Direction: Shruti Ramachandran

Tickets $22/$18 Seniors and Students



Organized by

Jiva Performing Arts